- Thestvi Group diversified along the 10 years now, its range of products and services, according to the development of the national and international market of advertising production.
- Thestvi Group succeeds in completely satisfying, with itís own resources or in collaboration with itís suppliers, in the best terms of production and installing, the requirements of its clients, providing variable, guaranteed quality products.
- When you invest in your image, the provided services should be backed up by quality, reliability, flexibility and continuous support. All these achievements are due to the companyís strategy on long term development:
- innovating design - creating products with a special visual impact, strongly related to the architecture of spaces they are to be placed into.
- flexibility - open approach of discussions with clients, taking into account their requirements and attentive to the market trends.
- guaranteed quality Ė presenting to clients accurate simulations or samples of the future products for a better appreciation of shapes and proportions - clients being able to see the products before they are manufactured and to provide a proper feed back.
- viability - using high quality materials and introducing new materials with exquisite finishes.
- national and full services in terms of evaluation, mounting, maintenance during the guarantee and post-guarantee period